Destiny Paradox


The Paradox between Fate and Free Will.

Some believe that We are Determined by Fate.

That a Higher Power has Already Determined Our Lives.


Some Believe that We have The Right to Choose Our Destinies.

Free Will allows us to Determine our Own Path.


What you Believe is your Reality.

Lets Explore some Pro’s and Cons of each Belief System.

Free Will and Fate


If we Believe Fate.

We Accept that Our Lives are Pre-Determined by a Higher Power and that Whatever Happens to us is Meant to Happen.

This can be a Real Hindrance – if we have Developed a Negative Mindset. As our Belief System is Clouded with Certain Occurrences to Back up our Negative State.

in Some Cases – it also instills The Belief that We are Controlled by Outside Sources.

Also some People can Default to these Outside Sources – as a Way of Not Being Responsible for their Own Actions.


If We Believe in Free Will.

We Determine our Own Path and are Governed by The Consequences of Our Own Positive or Negative Thoughts.

Thus the Belief in a Creator is Denied and it is The Quality of Our Own Thoughts that Determine our Life Path.

Free Will and Fate


The Paradox is that These 2 Belief Systems can be Diametrically Opposed and Still Exist Together.

I Personally Believe The My Higher Self has Already Determined Multiple Life Paths for Me.


That i have The Free Will to Choose what Works Best for Me.

The Quality of my Thoughts are High or Low Vibrational. This has been Frustrating as I have been unable to Consistently Stay in a High Vibration, This is also a Blessing – with Hindsight I can See that Positive and Neutral Thoughts Lead to Me to My Higher Planes and Simply by Living in Accordance with My True Heart – I can Overcome the Negative Beliefs i Hold.

Thus by Choosing The Thoughts that Work for Me – I am Also Working towards My Higher Self.

Thanx – Would Love to hear your Thoughts 🙂




Free Will and Fate


Destiny Chosen by Highest Selve.

We are Free.


Free Will¯

To Choose Journies of Peace.


Choose  To Be Chosen by Self.

 We are Free …..